Alief Montessori Community School


The Pre-Enrollment Lottery

Students intent on enrolling at AMCS are offered admission through a public lottery. Each year applications for the admission lottery are accepted from the first week of November until the first week of March.

The lottery will be held on May 1st to fill enrollment vacancies in specific grades and classes. Only students eligible for grade-specific openings and those who submitted during the application period are included in the lottery. Students not chosen in the lottery remain on the wait list. Other students who apply after the application period will be put in the waitlist after the names of those included but not accepted in the lottery, in the order we receive the application.

Students currently enrolled at AMCS are given first priority for re-enrollment each year they are eligible. Priority placement for vacancies is given to siblings of current students only until pre-enrolment period. Siblings not included in the pre-enrolment will be placed in the wait list. If there are two or more eligible siblings, a drawing is held between them.

To qualify for the Pre-Kindergarten Program, the child must be:

· at least three years old by September 1 of the current school year; and,
· either speaks no or limited English, or;
· eligible for free/reduced lunch under federal guidelines
· educationally disadvantaged; · homeless;
· the child of an active duty member of the armed forces;
· a child of a member of the armed forces who was injured or killed in active duty; or
· a child who has ever been in the conservatorship of Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS).

Click here to download lottery registration form

The Enrollment Process

Once the student is accepted for admission, copy of birth certificate, immunization record, enrolment form and emergency information shall be completed within 30 days upon receiving the enrolment packet. Other documents in the enrolment checklist such as transcripts shall be completed within 30 calendar days after the beginning of class.

Non-Discrimination Policy

"It is the policy of Alief Montessori Community School to comply with non-discrimination, anti-harassment and anti-bullying provisions of all federal and state laws. AMCS admits students without regard to race, religion, color, gender, age, national origin, ethnicity, disability, academic, artistic, athletic ability, marital status, political belief, limited English proficiency or the district the child would otherwise attend.

AMCS will deny admission to students with documented histories of a criminal offense, juvenile court adjudication, or discipline problems under TEC Chapter 37, Subchapter A. If anyone believes that they have been discriminated against, they should write to the Secretary of Education, Washington D.C. 20250. Child Find - a free appropriate public education (FAPE) is provided to all individuals with disabilities, ages 4-21, who qualify for special education services. "

The Enrolled Child


AMCS primary and elementary students are required to wear uniforms Monday through Friday. Uniforms consistent with style may be purchased at Wal-Mart, Target or elsewhere. If your child does not adhere to the uniform policy, the parent will be notified in writing or by telephone.

Colors for the required uniform:

Pants, shorts, rompers, and skirts will be navy or khaki color
Shirts will be white, red, or navy color
Shoes will be sneakers, or rubber soled shoes

Change Of Clothing

For the health and comfort of your child, every primary child is required to have at school a complete change of clothing including underwear and socks. The clothing should be in a clear plastic box with the child’s name on it. Please bring it the first day of attendance.

School Supplies

School supplies may be purchased by the school or by the parents for the students for the entire school year.
Primary or elementary students do not need to bring backpacks. Notes and other materials sent home from school will be placed in a take-home envelope or binder .

Lunch Program

AMCS participates in the Free/Reduced lunch program as a public charter school. If your child qualifies for reduced lunch, the charge is $.40/day (at date of publishing). If your child does not qualify for the free or reduced lunch program, a school provided lunch is available at a reasonable cost, or parents may send lunch. (Please note that the lunch program is subject to change.)

Medical Records

The State of Texas requires schools to keep an up-to-date immunization record for each child. All new students must have a health form completed by their physician. returning students must have immunization boosters on record. All students must list a physician who can be contacted in case of emergency medical care. Students should have a documented visit with their doctor prior to enrolling in school every year.

Vision and Hearing Screening

The State of Texas requires that all students 4 years and older have both a vision and hearing screening. At the beginning of the school year parents will have the option to use professional vision, and hearing screenings here at the school to help identify potential concerns. The medical provider may charge a small fee for this service.

Visits and Observations

The school has an open door policy and welcomes visits and observations by appointment only. When you visit the school, check in first with the building principal and then wait in a common area such as the hallway to avoid interrupting the classroom work cycle. When allowed to step into a classroom please be aware of the mood and respect the work of the class. Please refrain from interacting with the children in a way that might interrupt classroom activities.

Communicable Illness

The School must be informed in cases where a communicable illness may have been transmitted to other children in the school
. The school will send notices to parents informing them of any communicable illness reported to the school.




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